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Ready to teach English in Hoi An? GLC has regular openings for both native and Vietnamese ESL teaching positions. Depending on availability, part-time and full time positions can be offered, with teaching hours mainly scheduled on weekday evenings and weekends. Teachers are expected to come up with fun and engaging lesson plans that match up with the course outlines and textbooks provided by the school, as well as with GLC's teaching methodology. Are you a fully qualified ESL teacher with at least 1 year teaching experience? Get in contact with us now!

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Why teach at GLC?

Benefit package

Along with a competitive teaching rate, we offer work permit & visa reimboursements, as well as an end of contract bonus.

Classes and facilities

Teach a variety of ages and levels in fully equipped, modern classrooms. Our class sizes range from 10 to 18 students.

Join a team of professionals

Join a dynamic team of professionals that will provide you with ongoing training and support to improve upon your teaching skills.

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About GLC


GLC is a language center that has been operating in Hoi An since 2012 and has continually expanded every year since then. It is a fully foreign run company with western style management. Both owners of the school, Sebastiano Favretto and Nathan Beyerlein are also teachers at the school, and take great care to make sure that the staff and teachers are well supported. GLC continues to be a leader in EFL training in Hoi An and is well-know as the top training centre in the area. 

GLC offers a broad range of English classes; while the bulk of our students is aged 6-10, we also offer teen and IELTS classes, private classes, and off-site corporate training. 

Upon getting hired for a teaching position, new teachers undergo a 1 week training and induction programme aimed at getting acquainted with GLC's teaching methodology and policies. Training and support does not stop at the end of it, as GLC holds regular professional development sessions in the form of workshops, 1-1 training sessions and observations. We go to great lengths not only to develop our teachers professionally, but also to make them feel part of our family from the the very first day: we host regular outings with our staff and go out of our way to help teachers settle into their new home.

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About Hoi An

Hoi An is a cozy little tourist town in central Vietnam and has multiple beaches that are easily cyclable from the city center. Hoi An ancient town is considered a UNESCO world heritage center and hosts literally millions of tourists each year from all parts of the world making Hoi An an interesting and eclectic city that is rapidly developing. 

Generally, Hoi An is a fairly cheap place to live relative to Vietnam’s larger, more chaotic, cities. Housing options range from a room in a homestay for 150 usd per month to full houses starting at 300 usd per month.
There are amazing restaurants of all varieties here, and many of them are quite inexpensive. A typical bowl of delicious noodles can be as cheap as one dollar, or you can enjoy a gourmet four course meal at a fusion restaurant for around 25 usd per person. There are countless options in between.
Beyond food and housing, there aren’t too many bills to worry about. Hoi An has great cheap data plans for phones, and you can get high speed internet at your house for around 25 usd per month. For transportation, Hoi An is small enough that it is easy to navigate by bicycle or motorbike–both are affordable to purchase or rent.


What our previous teachers think of us

"Working at GLC has been a great experience, and I can’t recommend it enough! During my year there I was able further develop my teaching skills and get plenty of experience. If you are interested in working for a professional organization, and becoming part of a team dedicated to delivering the best education possible, look no further! Oh, and did I mention the great coffee?" 

Oxiatta Hekman

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